10 Incredible Things that Happen When Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach

A glass of sweet lemonade is all you need to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day. Drinking even a plain lemon water can do the same thing while providing your body with some crucial nutrients. This yellow fruit is the best food you can include in your daily diet if you’ve decided to take a healthy turn. Just take a glass of warm water and squeeze in some lemon juice to reap the health benefits of lemon.
Here are ten reasons why drinking lemon water on an empty stomach is good for your overall health:
1. Lemon contains abundant amounts of vitamin C – a vitamin crucial for the optimal function of your immune system. Therefore, lemon water can protect your body against different immune system deficiencies, thus keeping your body healthy and fit.
10 Incredible Things that Happen When Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach
2. Maintaining proper pH levels of your body is necessary for everything that’s going on in your system. If they are altered, it can lead to problems with your blood pressure and digestion. Drinking lemon water as a first thing in the morning will keep your body’s pH levels under control, thus preventing various health conditions and diseases.
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3. Thanks to the potent antibacterial properties of lemon, drinking lemon water on an empty stomach can protect your body against various infections. What’s more, this fruit is high in pectin, so it’s extremely beneficial to your colon health as well.
4. This fruit is a great detox agent, which means consuming lemon water in the morning will remove all toxins from your system. Moreover, lemon can act as a blood purifier, thus protecting you against various health problems.
5. Consuming lemon water as a first thing in the morning will ensure proper function of your digestive system, due to the presence of citric acid in lemons. This acid will interact with important enzymes in the stomach and increase the secretion of gastric juices.
6. According to studies, lemon water is beneficial to your liver’s health since lemon stimulates the secretion of liver enzymes. As a matter of fact, the stimulation of these enzymes is biggest in the presence of lemon than in any other food. Liver enzymes are crucial for your overall health, as they stimulate, accelerate, and catalyze different chemical reactions in your body.
7. Drinking lemon water as a first thing in the morning can help detox your liver. This is important if you think about the toxins accumulated in your liver through the foods you consume on a daily basis. Lemon water will revitalize your liver by helping it to eliminate all the toxins that have stayed there for months.
8. Lemon water provides strong anti-inflammatory properties which help treat a wide range of health problems. It’s very good in fighting infections in the respiratory tract, curing sore throats, and tonsillitis.
9. Lemon is packed with minerals and vitamins, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, citric acid, potassium, and more nutrients necessary for the body to function properly.
10. Last but not least, lemon water is great if you like to lose some extra pounds. Consuming this refreshing beverage on an empty stomach will effectively melt away your fat. Its pectin fiber content will curb your hunger, as well as keep your cholesterol levels under control.