Anti-Missile Deploying By U.S. In South Korea After Defiant North KoreaLatest Test

After the unexpected behavior of North Korea with South Korea and also some hard words for the US, US is now look in move after the four missiles fired by North Korea last week in sea water near France and South Korea and also head of North Korea used some harsh words.


After the action of North Korea immediately US show its reaction and start fixing missiles in South Korea and looked ready to answer North Korea all forces ready and setting missiles in South Korea for full replay mood to North’s side.


Missiles are arriving now to south Korea said a spokesman of US in South Korea a large amount of missiles already there arrived on Monday and all other require missiles on way and will be there soon he said.

President Trump showed a great attention on North Korea action he said on call to France and South Korea president that US is ready to answer the bad act done my North Korea.

As they fired missile to show their power and to afraid us we are not going to put our step back in any case we move forward and response them as they want.

North Korea is trying to develop its self as nuclear power and for that they are trying their level best and it is not good news for US as well as France and South Korea as the behavior of North side is not good with them.

The move from US is a direct answer to the North Korea about their planes in statements it is clearly said by US they are going to backup fully South Korea and France will defend them.

On other hand China is also trying to convince their people to boycott South Korean’s product it going to be another move to stop the development of that country.