Apple dropped new version of its smart phones with upgraded iOS so it also rolled new wearable versions compatible with that. Latest smart phone of Apple running iOS 10 and new with new features and iOS 10 Apple launches Apple OS 3 watch.

Apple OS 3 watch running iOS 10 version of operating system, though many features will be accessible with your wearable watch.

With the release of Apple new smart phone like Apple 7, its need to launch a smart watch as well because last model of Apple watch OS 2 partially compatible with iOS 10 and if user have to check some information.

He should have to tap to get information but now with Apple OS 3 watch along with iOS 10 operating system information could be accessed more easily.

There notices three important improvement, first declared earlier that information will be access easily not to tap for a particular time.

There was a need of a dock option to get screen but the OS 2 has plenty problem: which mean every app in your IPhone must be in your watch, this problem solved in OS 3 in which you can press power button to dock any app and it will launch faster.

The second improvement in Apple OS 3 is better Siri, more intelligent than ever before in iOS 10. More impressive for businessmen who take calls and message during walk, there is another possibility of tweeting while walk.

However, Apple launches Apple OS 3 watch all over the globe but I think it will be available in Asian countries in too limited stock. Since, in some Asian countries has not even seen Apple OS 2 watch. Whatever, the price of Apple OS 3 watch is still not known.