Bus Crashes Into Parade In Haiti, Killing At Least 34 And Injuring 17

A sad Incident occurs at 3 AM in Gonaïves in northern Haiti also the capital of the Artibonite. A bus hit the crowd in which 34 persons are died at the spot and more than dozens are minor and major are seriously injured.


First this bus hits two peoples on bus stop then it go up toward the flock of the “rara” parade. It is a melodic festival in which different musician perform dissimilar traditional gadgets in streets and markets which is only for the passer and joined them.


On Sunday rara was going on while a bus route for Cap Haitien to the capital Port-au-Prince, crashed the crowed.

The main purpose for the crash was not yet cleared but the driver and passengers were taken to a police station for investigation.

President of Haiti named Jovenel Moise ordered to investigate this incident soon and sent report towards his office.This bus was in possession of Blue Sky Logistics by a transportation company.

This is like a hit and run because the driver and a lot of passengers run away from the spot on foot. Then all the musicians and people who are (eyewitness or slightly injured) in the parade began throwing rocks at the bus and nearly passing other vehicles who injuring other travelers of bus and others. Those injured are treated in nearly hospitals of Gonaives.

Some roads of Haitian are so much dangerous and also disordered due to some their rules build or observed by the drivers, motorcyclists and the people who are on foot or bicycle. Road safety is very essential for all the vehicles to save the life for our self and the others.

It is our first obligation on the road to obey the traffic rules and save lives of other who travel on this road.