Donald Trump’s New Travel Ban Is Blocked By A Hawaii Judge

Honolulu: a Hawaii judge stopped Donald trump’s second attempt to ban visa holders and refugees of several Muslim majority countries from entering United States on the basis of religious discrimination.


This temporary banned order was come from a federal judge derrick k. watson from the district of Hawaii.

Donald trump is an American businessman, television personality and 45th United States president. Trump’s new order is different from the old one because it tries to resolve thw legal problems caused by the first one and narrows the countries down to six; Iran, Sodan, Somalia, Syria, Lebya and Yemen.


It explicitly free up people having valid visas and green cards and says that Syrian refugees will not be treated differently as other refugees in the United States.

Unlike the original order this one clears that united agencies will review case by case exceptions. The administration rationale for the order is that this is just for national security.

The attorney general jeff session said on a press conference that there is around 300 refugees are currently under counter terror but we can’t say either they belong to that six countries or committed any wrongdoings.

On the other hand the administration also claims that the United States immigration system is exploited again and again by terrorists and other malicious actors.

The order did not claim that the listed countries are involved in the immigration exploitation but explain that the expanding of terror groups in united states will increases the chances for exploitation of immigration.

According to the immigration and nationality act of 1965 discrimination of immigrants on the basis of nationality is banned so Mr. Trump’s travel ban is considered to be a violation of the act of 1965.