First Meeting Of Anti-ISIS Partnership Is Being Hosted By TrumpAdministration

On Wednesday 68 foreign ministers meet in Washington City to discuss next steps about to defeat Islamic States, Trump said to other agencies to submit a plan to defeat Militant groups and directed a pentagon and vowed to make a fight against Islamic states as a priority.


U.S secretary of State Rex Tillerson will host the meeting, since after the President Donald Trump’s election in November this is the first meeting of U.S-Led Military.


This is the first international coalition meeting, before this Iraqi Government forces were backed by the U.S-led international coalition, international organizations are also invited for this two day meeting starting from March 22.

The Jihadist group is using car bombs, suicides and snipers to defend the remaining stronghold.
On Monday, Iraqi Prime minister met to Donald Trump in Washington city he tell about getting assurance from U.S to defend the war against Islamic states, both were agreed on the statement that only Military cant defeat the terrorism.

The goal of the meeting is to increase international efforts to defeat ISIS in areas like Syria and Iraq and to extend pressure to its networks, branches and affiliates. The meeting will also discuss about stabilization of areas, Counter terrorism, financing, humanitarian crisis and messaging against ISIS.

The president Donald Trump has vowed to defeat Islamic States but he is strongly against to Obama administers approach.

The efforts to defeat and degrade ISIS require reinforcing multiple lines of effort, prevention of the flow of funds and fighters to ISIS and exposing its true nature.

The meeting will also discuss about that how to tackle the operations of Islamic states like Lebya and elsewhere. I saw the scope of cooperation with Trump, said by Syrian president Bashar Al- assad.

The global coalition against Daesh that is unique in its membership was formed in September 2014 is also unique in its commitment and scope; It is committed to degrade and to defeat Daesh.