Some technology related websites have been publishing sneak peak about the Galaxy Note 7 which will be reportedly roll out in this August, though South Korean has planned to start work on construction of his next production the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung, who is one of the largest smartphone maker companies all around the world has unveiled likely specifications and expected features, while everything is still unconfirmed what has been disclosed so far in latest reports.

However, upcoming the Galaxy Note 8 would be the successor to the ill-fated Note 7 which would be certainly one of the best creations by Samsung so far, while fans have to bit wait to know about Note 8’s specifications and features as South Korean are pretty secretive about their upcoming devices and don’t like to reveal before release.

Samsung may have started working on look of Note 8, although what information have been disclosed so far, possibly would be relevant little relevant in terms of features and specifications of the South Korean tech giant’s next phablet.

If latest revelations are to be believed the Galaxy Note 8 to come with rumored features a 5.7-inch and a 6.2-inch display.

We all have noticed that Note devices are upgraded versions of S-series handsets by South Korean, though if latest rumors are to deemed, most-awaited Samsung’s next giant the Galaxy S8 along with its elder sibling named the Galaxy S8 Plus, to have a better screen compared the QHD display which is presently being operated by the highly-praised Galaxy S7 and his sibling Galaxy S7 Edge.

One of the close officials from South Korean, told us on anonymity condition shared that screen of the Galaxy S8 to drop short of the handset’s anticipated 4K resolution, to be assembled with a 2K display as an alternative.