It seems to be that United State President Donald Trump’s controversial Executive Order put some bad effects on so many well-known personalities all around the world.

Sundar Pichai, who is India-born Chief Executive Officer for Google, has also criticized President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration order against Muslim from three-month, from Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria, including prevented admission of Syrian refugees for an indefinite period because of security issues.

He said in his statement that Trump’s executive order is on way to create barriers to bringing great talent to the United States of America, as the Internet search giant launched order its travelling staff to move back to US.

Mr. Pichai emailed to staff that United States authorities banned entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations, though it targets about 187 Google employees.

Trump’s executive ban makes upset Google administration as its employees belonging some of these nations hence come in this circle, even their families.

He believes that US authorities didn’t impose advance on just Muslim people also bringing hurdles in way of talent to America.

Mr. Pichai takes it painful action from Trump as executive order hits their colleagues too, though Google has remembered about 100 of its affected staff have blood lines from several Muslim nations.

Trump, who took his office on 20 January, 2017 as the 45th president of the United States, ordered today for extreme inspection of those who are trying to enter America from seven Muslim-majority nations.

US also imposed ban on the admission on refugees from Syria indefinitely because he is on way to remove radical Islamic terrorists from homeland that what everything is being done.

Google CEO sent a message to its workers, revealed about 187 members of his staff from countries those come in circle of the ban, couldn’t join the company next because moves of US authorities.