Iphone Company has the world’s most powerful technology and there is no competitive of it in the market and no can beat it in the introduction of latest technology.

Iphone is one of the finest devices in android industry, it is a brand and it has its own importance in the world, now a new advancement will be introduced in the new version of Iphone 8 which will accelerate the world.

Curved display first introduced by Samsung, now this feature will be in Iphone which consist with organic light emitting display and it will improve its ability and importance.

Iphone is the brand that every man wants to avail its technology, now the company will give a new feature of OLED curved display which will improve image quality and its working. It also will be thinner and lighter than other phones.

Apple Iphone will use OLED for curved display and keep in mind that this OLED will be of plastic not glass, due to plastic it will increase its longevity and there will be less chance of damage in any accident case.

Samsung introduce the concept of OLED display and they use it in the phones but now Iphone want to avail that technology, so in this way the requested to Samsung company for that technology. According to news Samsung will provide curved OLED little less than 100 million units to Iphone Company.

According to rumors that in 2017 Iphone will use new technologies in its iphone like new sensors that one’s can ordered the phone or can open the phone by touch the phone anywhere, it may use wireless charge technology which will not require any physical charger device.