Galaxy X: Launch Of Samsung’s Foldable Device May Be Pushed To 2019

It was the news a few months ago that Samsung is launching new Galaxy X which can be fold this year but now news has been changed, the company will launch the mobile which will be most amazing phone in the android history in 2019.

Samsung is the South Korean multinational corporation which is world famous due to its high level brands like electronic devices which are the main cause of its popularity who exists in every party of world and according to 2012 report; Samsung is the largest electronics company of the world.


Years ago it was the news on the air that Samsung will launch the foldable phone in 2017 which was the exotic and hyper news in the field of technology because it is the first time in history where a company is introducing a foldable android phone.

It is confirmed now by Korean Samsung officials that they are pushing forward the launch day new phone, it is not right time to introduce in the industry because this year Samsung will introduce their one of the best mobiles Samsung S8 and S8+ which will hit the show.

The main reasons behind the delay of the launching the Galaxy X are; one is Samsung is introducing this year S8 and S8+ and second is folding technology is not ready yet to launch.

In 2011 Samsung has given the idea to world by a video that how can a phone be foldable but now this company will create the history because it is introducing new trend in the technology after achieving a lot of success from previous mobile phones by providing foldable phone.

Samsung is releasing their S8 and S8+ this year on 21 April which will steal the market, every customer of this company is waiting for new android phones and the price of these two phones are not still confirmed.